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Programs and Services

Bellwoods offers clients non-medical support services, accommodation, and independent living education through our spectrum of services including Supportive Housing, Attendant Outreach services, Transitional Independent Living Programs and Housing Hubs. Support services are delivered under the client’s direction and provide assistance with the activities of daily living including: lifts/transfers and positioning, bowel and bladder, dressing and undressing, skin care, respiration (ventilator bi-pap; cpap), personal grooming and general hygiene, laundry, eating, and light meal and drink preparation (including G-tube feeding).

Bellwoods owns and operates two dedicated projects, and provides services and programs in integrated apartment settings. We provide transitional and permanent accommodations.

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The Impact Bellwoods Makes

"Patience is a virtue. With everything in life, and definitely when it comes to my line of work, there is always a learning curve."

Florencio Famaran
Support Service Worker