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Attendant Outreach Services (AOS)


Attendant Outreach Services (AOS) provides pre-booked personal support services for people with physical disabilities living in the community. These services can be provided in the client’s home, place of competitive employment, and/or place where clients are pursuing a degree/diploma/certificate. Services are available throughout the Toronto Area, between the hours of 6:00 am and 12:00 midnight for up to 3 hours per day, on a pre-scheduled visitation basis. AOS provides a spectrum of Attendant Outreach Services to support individuals:

Assistance at Home

Personal support services, including, but are not limited to activities such as:

  • personal grooming and hygiene
  • rising and retiring
  • positioning and transferring
  • dressing and undressing
  • eating
  • bowel and bladder
  • light meal preparation

Assistance in Pursuing Competitive Employment

Workplace assistance is available through service providers who are funded by the LHIN, or on a fee-for-service basis through individual employers. Workplace support can be provided in the home or at work through assistance with:aos-pic-2

  • personal hygiene
  • dressing
  • lunch preparation
  • packing up items required for work day
  • washroom assistance
  • setting-up the computer
  • meal assistance
  • organizing the daily work space

Assistance in Pursuing Formal Education

Assistance to pursue a degree/certificate/diploma can take part at home or education facility, including:

  • personal hygiene
  • dressing
  • lunch preparation
  • packing up items required for school
  • washroom assistance
  • escorting from classroom to classroom
  • meal assistance
  • setting-up in the classroom


Our Outreach support services are client-directed and assist clients to carry out their activities of daily living as outlined in an individual support service agreement and individual service plan. All clients with physical disabilities, including the clients of Bellwoods Outreach, are eligible to apply for Bellwoods’ Mobile Independent Living Education (MILE) program.


Additional information is available by contacting us at:

Bellwoods Attendant Outreach Services
3 Concorde Gate, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario, M3C 3N7
Telephone: (416) 696-9663
Fax: (416) 696-9481
E-mail: admin at bellwoodscentres dot org

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process for Attendant Outreach Services?

Interested individuals, in collaboration with their care providers if available, need to complete an Attendant Service Application Centre (ASAC) application. This is sent directly to the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto (CILT) who will process this application.

Bellwoods is one of six organizations who work together to assess applicants applying for personal support services who live in the city of Toronto. The assessment process is standardized, and once the assessment process has been completed, eligible applicants are placed on a waiting list until a service provider with available service hours can meet their service requirements.

The assessment process at Bellwoods Outreach takes approximately 1.5 hours and involves completion of the InterRAI-Community Health Assessment and Functional Supplement. Client hours are assigned on the basis of need, as determined by assessment outcomes.

Applicants must require assistance with activities of daily living in order to be considered eligible for attendant outreach services, (i.e. bathing, meal preparation), and applicants who require homemaking assistance only are not eligible to receive attendant outreach services.

Applicants must be able to direct their own services. Applicants who may not currently be able to self-direct but who have the potential of learning how to self-direct may be eligible to receive Attendant Outreach services.

How long can I expect to wait to receive Attendant Outreach Services?

There is a waitlist for services. Priority is currently being given to applicants who:

  1. Is in, attempting to leave, or has left an abusive situation
  2. Is being discharged from an institutional setting, or is at risk of institutional or facility placement if the applicant does not have attendant services
  3. If the personal support system is failing or absent (e.g. living alone or with dependent children / aging parents)
  4. If the applicant requires attendant services to attend school or to maintain employment or
  5. If safety is a risk due to lack of services
What services can I expect to receive from Bellwoods Outreach?

Bellwoods Outreach clients will receive services provided by personal support workers, including bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting, bowel and bladder routines, feeding, transfers and lifting by mechanical lifts, medication management, meal preparation and clean up, and laundry.

How much support can I expect to receive from Attendant Outreach Services?

Client hours are assigned on the basis of need, as determined by assessment outcomes. Outreach clients can receive up to 90 hours per month of personal support services.

Will the Support Service Worker (SSW) assist with medication?

Clients and/or their families are responsible for ordering, delivery and administration of medications.  Support Service Workers (SSWs) will provide medication reminders and under direction of client, assist with taking medications if medications are contained in a blister pack.

Are medical services provided by Bellwoods?

Bellwoods does not provide medical services.  All medical services are obtained by the client and /or their family through external sources such as their family physician, Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and outpatient clinics.

Are there costs associated with Attendant Outreach Services?

Bellwoods Personal Support Services are covered by the Ministry of Health (OHIP).

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The Impact Bellwoods Makes

“...this wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of Bellwoods’ Attendant Outreach Services... the support and assistance provided by Bellwoods has been invaluable to our family.”

Rosa Almeida, Sandra and Paula Almeida’s mother
Attendant Outreach Services Clients