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Housing Hubs

Sudbury and Deauville

deauvilleBellwoods’ Sudbury and Deauville Housing Hubs provide opportunities to clients to live safely in an accessible, affordable, and permanent home options, providing supportive housing level of service in a community service model. Clients have access to personal support services provided through a community based transitional program and 24/7 access to services and support on a pre-scheduled and ad-hoc basis in a community setting. Our Housing Hubs include access to the Mobile Independent Living Education (MILE) Program which focuses on home and community skill development to maximize safety and independent living in the community through the provision of education and support for client-established objectives.

sudbury3The Housing Hubs are targeted to improve access for individuals in the community, Long Term Care Home (LTCH) residents, as well as individuals designated as Alternate Level of Care (ALC) who are leaving the hospital to live permanently in a safe environment and within the community.

  • Sudbury located at 180 Sudbury Street, Toronto, ON.
    Clients live in nine accessible apartments
  • Deauville Place located at 5 Deauville Lane, Toronto, ON
    Clients live in ten accessible apartments

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The Impact Bellwoods Makes

“All I want is to live as independently as possible and the Sudbury program meets my needs and supports my goal of independent living.”

Solaiman Rashid-Yar
Sudbury Housing Hub