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Bellwoods relies on the generosity of donors and is grateful for their support.

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A Special Thanks To…

Peter B.G. Ferguson
A Legacy Inspired by Generosity: Thank you Peter!

Bellwoods is the recipient of a gift-in-kind from the late Peter B.G. Ferguson (1928- 2011) and his family. Peter’s personal philosophy of living independently and with dignity has resonated with his life and is also congruent to the philosophy of Bellwoods. Peter had polio in 1947 at the age of 19 years, and spent his subsequent years as a wheelchair user. He was the President of a construction and real estate development company based in Mississauga, Ontario which built and owned projects spanning Canada and the United States.

Peter was always an advocate for those with physical disabilities, encouraging architects and contractors to adjust their attitudes and plans for buildings to become more accessible. He lived independently on his own until the age of 81, when he moved to a seniors’ residence. Peter passed away one year later at the age of 82. Throughout the years, Peter has been actively involved as a board member of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (formerly the Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario) and the March of Dimes Canada (formerly the Ontario March of Dimes).

He has also been generous in his contributions to various charities. Bellwoods would like to acknowledge and thank Peter and his family, for their generous gift-in-kind of various items including a van, lift, electric bed, and other equipment totaling a value of over $40,000. Peter’s generous gifts will be used by the clients of Bellwoods and they will further the mission and legacy Peter would have strongly supported–independent living for those with physical disabilities.

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The Impact Bellwoods Makes

“I have lived at Bellwoods since 1979. During the earlier years I lived at Shaw Street, then I moved to Church Street and in the year 2008, I moved to Dundas. I have seen many positive changes over the years. Bellwoods has grown, and I now have my own apartment and live independently with support from staff when needed. I love my independence which I have been able to maintain while living at Bellwoods, and I have grown fond of the staff whom I have met over the years.”

Cyril Higgins
Dundas Project Client