Bellwoods’ Community Advisory Council (BCAC)

Bellwoods’ Community Advisory Council (BCAC) was launched in Spring 2019. This Council represents the voice of Bellwoods’ clients.

BCAC provides advice on issues to improve service experience and quality of life for clients. BCAC brings together individuals with a variety of experiences that:

  • Provides feedback on, and ideas for, initiatives and programs that enhance, ensure and embrace the model of client-centred services and the Independent Living Philosophy;
  • Offers a collaborative and positive force to enhance high quality services at Bellwoods; and
  • Ensures client engagement and adoption of client-centred principles and practices at Bellwoods.

The Council reports directly to Bellwoods Board of Directors.

For more information, download a BCAC Information Sheet (PDF) or contact our Communications & Development Associate at (416) 447-1168 or