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Who We Are

(Based on data from a total of 451 clients served between April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019)

The typical client at Bellwoods

Bellwoods Service Delivery Outcomes 2018-19

  • 451 Total Clients served
  • 232,262 Service hours delivered overall
  • 124 Clients served in Support Housing
  • 327 Clients served in Attendant Outreach/MILE and Respite
  • 95% New clients have been sourced from Acute and Rehab hospitals
  • 34,302 Total Resident Days 
**ASAC is the centralized point of access for individuals with physical disabilities applying for Attendant Services in Toronto and York Region. With a single application, applicants can apply through ASAC to a variety of projects and programs listed in the ASAC Directory including supportive housing, attendant outreach services and transitional and life skills programs.


Compliance with all TC LHIN M-SAA performance targets


Financial Outcomes

Spent for Capital Expenditures

Net assets retained in equity

Asset base