Who We Are

Based on data from our 2020/2021 Annual Report – a further breakdown of our services that we provided is higlighted below.

2020-2021 by the Numbers

Supportive Housing (SH)*

139 of clients served.
(Within MSAA target corridor)

  • 106,518 Total service hours delivered
  • 202,218 Total # of service visits
  • 2.54 Average daily service hours per client
  • 41,928 Total # of resident days

  • 93% Occupancy rate
  • 6 SH Sites: Dundas, Elm, Madison, Mimico, Shaw and Walton

*SH includes the 15 reintegration unit beds included in the Community Connect (CC) Program.

Attendant Outreach (AO)*

267 of clients served.
(Within MSAA target corridor)

  • 117,741 Total # of service hours delivered
  • 101,427 Total # of service visits delivered
  • 2.23 Average daily service hours per client

*Includes clients of AO, Housing Hubs (Deauville & Sudbury) and MILE (Mobile Independent Living Education).

Transition Programs

Centralized Referral Management

  • 860 of referrals matched for clients referred from hospitals to STTCM funded programs.

Community Connect (CC) Reintegration Care Unit

  • 33 of clients served

Housing with Layered Supports (HLS)

  • 49 of clients served
  • 37 of clients assisted to secure permanent housing
  • 41 of clients receiving ongoing case management

Operating Fund

Revenue $18,684,973

Rental Subsidy5%
Rental Income2.5%
Misc. Income1.5%
LHIN Funding91%

Expenses $18,551,188

Supportive Housing Expenses39%
Building Expenses4%
Operating Expenses10%
Amortization Expense2%
Attendant Outreach Expenses36%
Pandemic Expenses9%