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Contact Us

If you would like more information on our services, programs and housing or how to apply, please contact our head office at:

3 Concorde Gate Suite 200, Toronto, ON. M3C 3N7
Telephone: (416) 696-9663  Fax: (416) 696-9481
E-mail: admin at bellwoodscentres dot org

For more information on our Outreach Services and Housing Hubs, please contact our head office at:

3 Concorde Gate Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M3C 3N7
T: (416) 696-9663 F: (416) 696-9481

For Bellwoods Park House, Community Connect Program, and MILE Program, please contact:

300 Shaw Street
Toronto, Ontario M6J 2X2
T: (416) 530-1448 F: (416) 536-8189

For Bellwoods Dundas Project, please contact:

1082 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1X1
T: (416) 534-1354 F: (416) 534-6578

For Bellwoods Mimico Apartment Project, please contact:

1 Summerhill Road, Suite 307
Toronto, Ontario M8V 1R9
T: (416) 251-4939 F: (416) 251-7253

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      The Impact Bellwoods Makes

      "Patience is a virtue. With everything in life, and definitely when it comes to my line of work, there is always a learning curve."

      Florencio Famaran
      Support Service Worker