Housing Hubs

Housing Hubs (HH) are one of Bellwoods Independent Living Programs (ILP). HHs are a creative and efficient way to expand opportunities for supportive housing to clients that require 24/7 access to services without the requirement of having staff on-site at all times.

Flexibility is key to the success of the booking system that coordinates support services provided to clients. The scheduling system attempts to accommodate the changing needs and lifestyles of clients and allows staff to maximize available time to assist clients.

Sudbury and Deauville

Bellwoods has two housing hubs locations:

  • Sudbury Housing Hub includes 9 accessible apartments and is located at 180 Sudbury Street, Toronto, ON.
  • Deauville Place Housing Hub includes 10 accessible apartments and is located at 5 Deauville Lane, Toronto, ON

Our Housing Hubs include access to the Mobile Independent Living Education (MILE) Program which focuses on home and community skill development to maximize safety and independent living in the community through the provision of education and support for client-established objectives.

HH differ from permanent supportive housing sites in that they offer access to 24/7 service; however, staff is not necessarily onsite 24/7. The model allows for variation in service provision including short, urgent ad-hoc and/or overnight visits. In keeping with the philosophy of Independent Living, clients direct their own services with staff onsite for pre-scheduled services. Services are non-medical and individuals living in housing hubs must be able to be safe in-between bookings. HH services range in length with clients generally receiving multiple short visits throughout the day depending on the type of services required. Read more information about Housing Hubs (PDF).

Additional information is available by contacting us at:

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